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Thank you to everyone who participated in #PagliaisPizza Instagram contest! We enjoyed seeing all the pictures. Here are some of the few pictures that were...

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November 12: National Pizza With Everything!

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Here at Pagliai’s we treat every day like it’s a pizza holiday, but did you know that November 12 is officially National Pizza With Everything (Except Anchovies) Day? We’re always looking for a good excuse to celebrate, and what better reason to stop by Pagliai’s than to satisfying your need for an Everything pizza. Our savory House Specials are loaded with sausage, beef, pepperoni, green pepper and mushroom and will surely hit the spot. Remember, whether you’re dining in, carrying out, or buying our pizza frozen, every day at Pagliai’s is a national pizza...

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Wednesday Wine Night

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At Pagliai’s we know a thing or two about our pizzas and wines, and we’d like to  prove it to you. Stop by on Wednesday nights for $2 glasses of wine, we’re positive you won’t find a more satisfying special in town. Because we love to play sommelier, here are a few of our favorite combos: Cheese: This classic pizza pairs perfectly with Chardonnay. The buttery richness of  the wine accentuates our special cheese blend’s nutty undertones. House: The earthy spiciness of a Pinot Noir pairs nicely with the mushrooms and sausage on our loaded house pizza. Vegetarian: Our vegetarian fare is a little lighter, and we’d suggest that you lighten up your wine as well. Rosato, Italian for a dry rosé, plays up the light flavors the veggies bring. Margherita: The fresh pesto and tomatoes in our Margherita pizzas shine when combined with a crisp and flowery Riesling. Pepperoni: We love the big flavors in our pesto-pepperoni pie and think that they really shine when combined with a juicy red wine like Primitivo. Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger: For a pizza loaded with so many American staples we recommend another classic, Red Zinfandel. This deep, peppery wine accentuates the bacon cheddar cheeseburger profile quite nicely. Whether you decide to dine-in, carryout, or buy frozen, we know you’re going to love these pizza and wine pairings as much as we...

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What does your pizza topping say about you?

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So science has it, a person’s choice of pizza topping (s) can actually tell you a lot about his/her behavior. Do you have an upcoming date or an upcoming get-together? Go out for some pizza and see what your guest orders … compare it to the findings from this research conducted by Alan Hirsch, MD, lead researching and director of the Smell & Tell Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, and tell us what you think! One meat topping People who order just one topping are generally irritable, prone to procrastination and they often “forget” certain obligations. Compatible with: others who prefer one meat topping Multiple meat toppings Meat lovers tend to be dramatic, according to research. They often extroverts who thrive as the center of attention. Compatible with: people who prefer one meat topping   One Veggie topping Veggie topping lovers are easygoing and empathetic Compatible with: everybody!   Multiple veggies Multiple veggie lovers are trustworthy, loyal, humble and tend to avoid the spotlight. Compatible with: non-traditional topping goers   Non-traditional toppings Non-traditional toppings are loved by aggressive, ambitious and competitive folks. Compatible with: non-traditional topping goers   So, when you go out on your next pizza date. See what others at your table order. Is this science accurate? We do know one thing for sure, if your next pizza outing is at Pagliai’s you’ll get along no matter what they choose! Alan Hirsch, M.D., lead researcher and director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Real meat lovers who pile on the pepperoni, sausage, and ham tend to be dramatic, sweep-you-off-your-feet extroverts. Research Foundation in Chicago. – See more at:...

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We’ve got nothing to hide

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At Pagliai’s Pizza you know exactly how your food is prepared. You can observe all we do to get your mouth-watering pizza perfected, made with only the freshest...

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