10277499_676312765776063_7736383582484456830_n(1)Memorial Day is near, which means it’s camping season. Pack your tents, sleeping bags and fixin’s for smores, but leave your hot dogs at home!

Why not pack a Pagliai’s frozen pizza for your trip? Our frozen pizzas are perfect to heat up on the grill. The crust develops flavor when it cooks directly on a grill, so no need to bring a pan. Here are some tips to grill your Pagliai’s Frozen Pizza.

For Gas Grills: Set grill for medium direct heat (all burners on; medium-low setting; 400 degrees F)

For Charcoal grills: Place 25-30 briquettes on the outside of the grill to create indirect heat.

  1. Pre-heat grill with lid closed for 8-10 minutes.
  2. Open grill lid and place an oven thermometer probe on the inside of the grill leaving the bulb indicator on the outside and close lid to verify that the grill temperature is at a minimum of 400 degrees F.
  3. Open frozen pizza and remove all packaging materials.
  4. When grill is at the proper pre-heated temperature place frozen pizza directly in the center of the grill rack and close lid. (If using charcoal grill – Don’t place your pizza directly above the briquettes-it will burn!)
  5. Grill your pizza for 8-10 minutes, or until it looks ready.

Get your frozen pizza today and enjoy!