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travis vanderWeerdt, Manager Pagliai's

Travis VanderWeerdt
General Manager

Fresh, Hand-Crafted Italian Specialties

Everything you are served at Pagliai’s is fresh. And let’s face it, fresh food tastes sooo much better! Our dough is made daily from a secret, memorized family recipe. Sausage is spiced and blended just the way ‘nonna’ Pagliai did it. And our meat is lovingly prepared on site. 
How about our mozzarella? We custom-blend it right here in our Italian kitchen. Our old school meat pasta sauce simmers all day long waiting for a chance to delight your taste buds! 
We love what we do. Bryan Pagliai is our Master chef. Travis VanderWeerdt is our General Manager. You’ll find them on site every day pursuing their passion. They’ll make sure that everything is being prepared to perfection, and that their creations exceed your expectations. 
Why should you order right now? Because we’re not interested in one-time customers. We want friends for life. And one pizza is all it takes! If you want to eat in our beautiful restaurant, you will enjoy friendly service from our professional staff.
Pagliai’s is locally owned and operated. We pride ourselves in treating you with honesty, respect, fairness, kindness, consideration, and compassion.


Absolutely Delicious

"We simply love the food and atmosphere at Pagliai's. A very friendly place to meet friends and have outstanding Italian specialties."

Great food 

"Well, this place is definitely one of a kind. The combination of great food and unsurpassed service has made this our go-to place for dinner."

We had our doubts

"I thought the rave reviews had to be exaggerated. But we are absolutely convinced. This place totally lived up to the reputation it has earned."

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Open Every Day from 4pm - 9pm 
(Summer hours change)

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